Adobe changed all its app icons and designers are absolutely raging

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Last month, Adobe started to change the icons for its ever-growing suite of applications. The biggest change was the new colourful Creative Cloud logo, but the applications within the Creative Cloud Suite have been transitioning, too, and not everybody’s happy about it.

Many have noted that the icons are all starting to look the same, with multiple apps sharing the same colour scheme, making it confusing to find the right app. Others are definitely fighting their OCD over differences in font size and inconsistencies in spacing and alignment from one icon to the next, but the overall consensus doesn’t seem to be all that positive.

Some are (jokingly? or serious?) even refusing to update.

Even more confusingly, this has stretched over to their mobile apps, too, with different apps using the exact same icon but in different colours.

Adobe doesn’t seem to be using exactly the same colour for every desktop icon, but they are grouping icons of a particular type by colour. So, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition have the same colour icon. As do Photoshop, Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

And while the colour is frustrating, particularly on a high-resolution screen with tiny icons that you could misclick at a glance, it’s not the only thing that’s upset users.

And some have noticed that the mobile app icons don’t even all line up properly, which is going to upset the designer in just about everybody.

Some have taken to override the new default icons to go back to their old ones…

While others have designed their own – which arguably look much better than the new (or old, for that matter) official ones.

Although the icon doesn’t change the functionality of the apps, it’s going to take a lot for some designers to get used to who’ve been using the previous icon colour scheme for perhaps a decade or more. Accidentally clicking and loading the wrong app is frustrating, especially for those resource hogs that take forever to load.

What do you think? Do you like the new icons, do you think they should revert to the old ones, or just start over and make a whole new design like K4dude’s?

[via Creative Bloq]

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