This is how architecture depends on photography

If you’re a photographer, it’s possible that you often get inspired by other forms of art, like movies, paintings, or music. But have you ever thought about how different art forms depend on each other? In this interesting video, Stewart Hicks talks about how architecture and photography are intertwined and how one depends on the other, often quite a lot.

It’s hard to imagine for everyone who knows me now, but I dreamed of becoming an architect when I finished elementary school. So, I enrolled in a high school for civil engineering and architecture. Apparently, I took a totally different path – but most of my classmates and high school friends went on to become architects.

Why am I telling you this? Well, I noticed an interesting trend among my architect friends. Almost all of them are very interested in photography, and they’re all darn good at it! I noticed a long time ago that architecture and photography go hand in hand, but I never really thought about why that is the case. Sure, both architects and photographers are into on visual arts, but so are the painters, movie makers, sculptors, designers, etc. So why not connecting some of these arts with architecture?

Stewart’s video gave me a little more insight into the matter, and it all makes a lot more sense now. Architects rely on photographers to showcase their work in the best light and to convey their ideas. This way, anyone can, in a way, visit a certain building without investing time and money they may not have.

Photographers can also have their own interpretations of architectural objects. Stewart gives an example of a book named “House Is A House Is A House Is A House Is A House.” It shows different buildings photographed by different photographers in their own unique style, each giving their own voice to the same object. After all, shoot the same building with five of your photographer friends, it’s likely that all of you will end up with different images.

I personally found this video very interesting because it has expanded my views and taught me more about the connection between architecture and photography. And I’ll definitely be sharing it with my architect friends to see if they agree.

[How Architecture Depends on Photography via FStoppers]